Bike Life: Wisemans Ferry with Mio (05/10/2015)

A hot Labor Day was characteristic of the general weather conditions presented during the long weekend period, with temperatures exceeding 30°C on all three days. A crowded urban environment, coupled with the hot weather, is a combination that I tend to prefer to avoid, and this means staying away from the popular holiday destinations and tourist traps. For a good quality, local getaway, there was just one option: Wisemans Ferry.

Wisemans Ferry is what I like to refer to as Sydney’s lesser-known backyard. Geographically, it’s almost the same distance away as the Calga section of the Old Road is from metropolitan Sydney, yet it is not as popular with sport bike riders despite the abundance of top riding roads surrounding the location. For this fact, I quite like it. As the saying goes, less is more.

This day marked the first ride together with my mate Mio, who’s just finished serving his 6 month licence suspension period. Symbolising a new start, hope and a sense of regained freedom, it was a good day of riding enjoyment and a time of reflection. Mio is a highly proficient photographer, and I invite you to check out his content on his website, and feel free to interact with him on his Facebook page.

1pm, and it’s quite a warm 33°C. Anything above 25°C provides the perfect conditions to guarantee my inner thighs to be cooked to a well-done. I think I’ll let Mio ride the Panigale through the urban traffic until we get to Richmond… 😛
Dusting off Mio’s Street Triple for the first time in 6 months.
Hitting the unsealed backroads of the Wisemans Ferry area. Had to get off the bike under the shades of a gum tree, to escape the intense heat… both from direct sunlight, and from the bike itself. I’ve said this many times in the past, and it’s because it’s an aspect that I cannot forgo from my conscious thoughts, but the bike is a darn hot one. My hat goes off to those who ride it in summery heat, with full leathers on.

DSC05402 DSC05405

Stopping by at one of Mio’s secret retreats, situated alongside the Hawkesbury River. It would make a perfect impromptu camping spot for those last-minute local getaways. Tent setup, plentiful beer supplies, the atmosphere of a campfire and all… 🙂

DSC05409 DSC05413 DSC05418 DSC05439

Mio, it’s been a hell of a long time off the road. 6 long months of strenuous perseverance, but I’m so glad that you’re back to your natural element. It’s where you belong, buddy.

DSC05441 DSC05446

Hitting the pub at Wisemans’ to quench our thirst.
To a life, free of the burden of a licence suspension. Cheers, mate!
I’m not a food photographer, whose obsession is founded upon the insistence of snapping meals before eating them.. and I will never be! My excuse for this shot, however, is that it’s not my dish.. 😉 … gotta say, though, you can never go wrong with a good ol’ cluckin’ Schnitty when hunger takes over.

DSC05469 DSC05471

We decided to hit the River Road route towards Sackville Ferry, where tall sandstone formations ran parallel along the bank of the Hawkesbury River.
Happiness is…

DSC05483 DSC05486

Back home at dusk. A public holiday well spent.
‘Til next time, g’night!

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