Panigale Around Australia 2016: Condition Report


My trip around Australia on the Panigale was without any proper cosmetic upkeep. All bug tar and road elements were left to spoil the otherwise near-flawless bodywork and components. Having said that, the bike receives the same grubby treatment back at home in Sydney. Unless there is a special event happening that explicitly requires me to roll up on a clean bike, you would likely see it on the road in all its unwashed glory.

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I’ve never been that keen on cleaning my bikes. All that elbow grease comes to nothing if the bike is a daily ride; in my case, all that hard work is undone by the end of the next commute. My tight life schedule doesn’t accommodate much leeway for time-wasting, so my Panigale would be lucky to see more than one thorough wash within a season.

Call it negligence or laziness if you may, but any time that I am free is used to catch up on paper work or spending time out to ride the bike. Some people wash their cars and bikes as a relaxing pastime; for others, it’s a chore. Deep down, I’m just not that fussed.

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The most prominent areas of dirt and dust accumulation on the bike occurs where lube and grease is present. The dual underbody exhaust pipes look fantastic, but the chain hovers directly above the left pipe. Excess lube is flung onto its upper surface and, over time, the grease and dirt will solidify from the surrounding heat.

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The bike also had collected a bunch of insects on its way around Australia, but the momentary torrential fall in Darwin and the storm at the Gold Coast partially removed excess buildup.


So that’s that, my Panigale in its grubby fullness. Bugs, dirt, tar, all accumulated like a hoarder’s souvenir.

Coming next, I will be outlining the main items and luggage that I had packed for the trip, information which might come in handy for your own moto-adventures. It won’t be too long, so stay put!

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