Europe 2018 on the R NineT – Day 1: Landed in Germany

29th of May, 2018. 5 movies and a nap later, my flight lands in Europe.

Within hours of landing in Germany, I set out to find my new bike that I will use to ride across as many countries as possible around Europe. The German Autobahn will be useful in getting to places as possible as I race against time to get everything ready for what is to come in the next 7 weeks!


Pretty crazy 36 hours since arriving on German soil that I signed my life away and gave out wads of cash for a new bike in another continent. After quite a few challenges, by the midday of day 2, I finally got the registration done for my new bike.


Feels great to have my first ever BMW motorrad. Kind of a no brainer though: A German bike in Germany. A match that was destined to happen 🇩🇪👌 Without any form of German or EU identification, it is difficult to have a vehicle registered under your name. To save time and effort, all was made possible thanks to my awesome German mate who decided to register the bike on his name. This probably would all have taken me over a week to do by myself, if it even was possible in the first place.


Now to take delivery of the bike tomorrow. Excited! 💪



These expenses only relate to those incurred before arrival to Europe. Meal, accommodation and car/transit expenses were all incurred by my friend who was all too kind to assist me in every way possible.

Europe Day 1 - expenses.jpg