Europe 2018 on the R NineT – Day 41: Oslo to Stockholm

Day 41, 08/07/2018. Further back down as the last days of my journey around Europe approaches its finish line.


Slowly returning back to normalcy as I head further down south and approach the end of my speed date with Europe, but not to shun any further opportunities for beautiful places as I arrive at Scandinavia’s answer to Venice. Stockholm is a lovely city; just like Duloc, very clean. It certainly is when waterways and green spaces dominate the Nordic metropolis, and leading solar technology that allows its electricity grid to obtain power from it even during its gloomy winters.

With a high of 25°C during the day and a low of 13°C at night during summer, Stockholm is also perfectly mild for an easy stroll around the city without feeling too hot or cold. In fact, what I notice is that these people in the north have a tendency to go shirtless around town when temperatures hit the 20-somethings. I guess when winter is dastardly dark and depressing, you’d want to make the most of every summery ray of warmth.






Europe Day 41 - expenses.jpg

Approximate route:

Europe Day 41 - map.jpg