Europe 2018 on the R NineT – Day 43: Copenhagen to Hamburg

Day 43, 10/07/2018. Back in Germany by night, but the journey is not over yet.


Back in Deutschland after exploring Copenhagen earlier in the day. Now, bleary eyed and tired as hell as I sit around in this industrial metropolis officially known as the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. I am literally pulling on my face and groaning in agony as I keep myself alive and conscious.

With still some destinations to cover for the remaining few days as a homeless motorcyclist, I must press on with it. If I don’t complete these few routes that are outstanding on my mileage balance, I will feel that this fast-tracked Europe tour is incomplete and therefore a failure. That’s something that I need to avoid so that the critical urgency to plan another round in Europe will not spring up any time soon.

You see, child, grown-ups have a thing called money. In my case, not so much of it. Moving on to the shores of Western Europe. See you soon, Germany, I’ll be back before not too long!






Europe Day 43 - expenses.jpg

Approximate route:

Europe Day 43 - map.jpg