Europe 2018 on the R NineT – Day 51: Goodbye Europe!

Day 51, 18/07/2018. I’ll be back…!


After over 20000kms clocked on the odometer, almost AUD $30000 depleted from my wallet, and an extra month of unpaid leave from work, I am officially done and out of Europe with many great experiences. I will miss the relentless R Nine T Racer, skipping not a single beat on the whole way around Europe. I think it is reasonable to say that there is not another Racer model in the world with over 24000kms, and with good reason; that riding position is as bad as it can get for a modern bike. But I’m so glad that I’ve done it on this bike. Now that I’ve gotten over my bubble fairing+boxer engine phase of my moto life, I can now go on to new and greater things.

Many thanks to BMW Motorrad for selling me a fantastic bike and sticking to their word on a free service. Also a huge shout out for my German friend Karl, just for being the absolute best mate that I could ever have, helping me at every step to comfortably settle down in Europe from day one onwards. He’s even helping me to clean up the bike before putting it on the market for its eventual sale!

Hope that you all enjoyed this travel series, and that you’re inspired to believe that you don’t need a well-paying job or a sponsorship to be able to travel like I have in Europe. All it required were a non-existent social life and hard work; so simple! I will do a recount of the trip with all expenses published over the coming months, although reports will be slightly less elaborate than what I’ve done in the past, as 7 weeks of travels is a lot to process with a hectic work schedule!

Logging off my travels for now. Yours truly, Dave.


Expense for last day:

Europe Day 51 - expenses.jpg

Overall approximate route:

  • Note: Not totally accurate. Some destinations visited may not have been covered.

Europe Day final - map.jpg