Bike Life: Riding to Royal National Park 07/10/2015

One aspect that I appreciate about these larger social motorcycle nights is that it provides an outlet for people to let their hair down and, just for a moment, to forget about the responsibilities and stress that comes standard with a modern working lifestyle. These groups also provide a social enclave where people can feel that they belong to a community, and I can only see that as a positive when the sole purpose of it all is to simply enjoy life on two wheels.

Later in the next few weeks, I will be meeting up with Kevin and Steven Lam, the twin-brother founders of Sydney West Riders, to discuss about the beginnings, developments and the future of this continually-growing social motorcycle group, which has now reached 4000 members in its 3 years as a group. Stay tuned to read more about this, next month!

Sydney West Riders meet at Hungry Jacks in Cabramatta, in Sydney’s south-west suburbs, every Wednesday at 7:30pm, pending good weather conditions.

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