Bike Life: Riding to the Old Road 14/10/2015

Got myself to get out for a ride with Sydney West Riders once again. I’m usually hesitant to attend due to my early work starts throughout the week, but the route for this week was too good to resist: the Old Pacific Highway, known as the motorcycling mecca of Sydney. With an endless supply of sweeping corners, minimal traffic and motorcyclist-centric cafés, it has aptly earned itself the nickname, “the old road”.

Brilliant ride, but I managed to get myself a puncture on the rear tyre. Just as well, as it’s worn and squared off, and due for replacement; very timely. I tend to get punctures when it is least convenient, so I make it a habit to carry an emergency tyre plug kit in my backpack, wherever I go. It’s also saved Kenneth’s front tyre on his CB400, as shown in the below images. Needless to say, you don’t need a puncture to ruin your night, so keep a plug kit handy every time.

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