Bike Life: Swapping the Pani for the Tuono V4 – Part 1

For this week, me and my buddy Walter had decided to do a swap between our bikes. Walter’s bike is a stock-standard 2014 Aprilia Tuono V4 R APRC, in the black and white colour scheme. I’ve always been keen on Aprilia’s V4 powerplant, that also powers the RSV4, and it was among one of my purchase options that I had in mind over the past few years.

The Tuono, in essence, can generally be considered as a detuned RSV4 with a more street-friendly riding position. In saying that, to say that the Tuono packs a decent punch in current form is an understatement.

Roaring like a triumphant lion, the Tuono hammers down the ultimate aural experience. As the revs climb, the speedometer shoots up with such deceivingly brutal but buttery ease, momentarily interrupted by the quickshifter, that changes gears akin to the blast of Thor’s hammer.

Its looks leave a little to be desired, and the dash needs an update. However, presentation only lasts for a minute; it’s the ride that holds the memory. And, holy mother of Thor, does it ride!

Over the week, I had taken my time to get accustomed to the Tuono. By this time, the Panigale felt as though it was a part of me. To get off the Panigale and on to the Tuono was a drastic change, in that the Aprilia seemed funnily strange to me with its taller handlebars.

See below for photos that I’ve taken for this week with the Aprilia. I will be outlining my impression in detail for next week’s post. I also will be highlighting Walter’s thoughts about my Panigale. Stay tuned!


Decided to swap my Panigale for Walter’s Tuono V4 for the week. Both very excited!


Giving that Italian V4 symphony a break. Taking it all in; scrupulously pinpointing the glorious moments and meditating upon them to fully comprehend the beast that lurks within. Putting my feet up, taking in deep wholesome breaths of the cool evening air. Everything is in its right place 🙂




After work ride to random locations around Sydney. This one is alongside the Lane Cove river, near Linley Point.
Tuesday nights mean one thing… Twisty Tuesdays!



Unfortunately for the smokers of the Twisty Tuesdays crew, the only lighter available among us no longer had any fuel left. So what can we do, than to do a DIY job on a match stick… This is how you do it, as follows…
Step 1: Wrap the tip of the twig with cotton from your shoelace. Saturate the tip with petrol from your motorcycle.
Step 2: Flick the flint of your empty lighter, allowing the sparks to ignite the wick.
Step 3: Use the flame to light up your durry.
Step 4: Savour the durry. Enjoy!
Our stop location at our favourite midnight twisty road.
Setting the stage for another showdown at our secret spot!
The night is clear. All the stars are out for us tonight.
And that closes a brilliant Tuesday night!
A Wednesday night. A very pleasant warm one at that, which means one thing: take the Aprilia down to Royal National Park with Sydney West Riders!
Good turnout tonight.


Finally, a Friday. But, how’s that for an Aussie heatwave?! At a top of 42, I think there’s no other place in Sydney than to be inside a cool room. On the other hand, it’s going to make for an awesomely balmy ride later tonight.



The Tuono is due for a wash. Front fairing, adorned with splattered bugs. It is a badge of honour that is earned by true motorcycle adventurers… that you clean off afterwards.
Bike night with Friday Night Riders, going up to Sackville. The Tuono got its fair share of admirers.


To be continued…

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