A Divergent Italian: Day 4 – Return to Sydney via the Coastal Route

4 long days across two states, $413.37 and a total of 2367 kilometres added to the odometer: That is what it costed me for a good dose of road tripping out in the Outback and along the eastern coast of Australia. I had initially budgeted for a trip that costed me under $500.00 in total, so I carefully recorded my expenses in order to see if I can work around a consciously planned financial limit. Below is a list of all the expenses, under four main categories: Petrol, Accommodation, Food and Miscellaneous, or anything that is not under the other three.

Outback NSW and QLD road trip - Stat sheet for expenses.jpg

Petrol was, by far, the most significant expense for the road trip, totalling $221.25. Going by the total petrol use of 158.96 litres and the 2367 kilometres travelled, my average petrol use is calculated as 6.71L/100km which is the equivalent of what a small/medium car would consume in a simiilar environment of majority highway cruising. The main diet for the 1199 consisted of mainly 98 RON premium petrol, as it should always be, but, as highlighted in red and yellow in the table above, a few locations did not offer the preferred type. In two instances, I had to submit to purchasing 91 RON as it was really better than nothing.

Although I had to use petrol of a much lower octane rating, the good thing is that I did not notice a dramatic change in the way that the bike ran, possibly because the octane levels of the 91 RON were combined with the existing 98 RON petrol that would have remained in the tank. The combination of both fuels would probably have mixed together to result in an octane rating that is slightly lower than the minimum requirement of 95 RON for the 1199, and any slight differences would have been adjusted by the bike’s fuelling system. Although the bike was okay in two of the instances, I would definitely not fill the bike in this manner for multiple times in a row.

Accommodation was the 2nd biggest expense for the trip, amounting to a touch above $100. Tent camping was the whole idea of the trip, and the first night of camping proceeded successfully. However, the weather forecast was not looking favourable for the next few nights, so I had succumbed to indoor accommodation. Maybe in a shorter trip that doesn’t involve such a vast distance, I may look into wet weather camping. However, with long distances and varying weather conditions, fatigue tends to get the better of all riders, so a compromise had to be set so that I still had good night’s sleep.

Food was one area in which I had tried to minimise my total expenditure. Looking at the above list, servo and fast food were my main sources of energy. Fortunately, I was still able to get some good food thanks to my ex-head chef’s food at Coolangatta on the Gold Coast. Apart from that, I was actually quite hungry for the majority of the trip, but the will to be able to complete my trip overcame my need to fulfill my gastronomic satiety. A wise person would also say that it is detrimental to have a full stomach as it can induce a drowsy effect.

All in all, I was happy to have achieved a good trip below my budget, without having to fork out any cash for unexpected events, such as the dismounting of my front guard for day 2 in one of my previous trips. Remember that you also have to take in consideration of your servicing costs, which can add hundreds more in the preparation of a trip.

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Byron Bay is not just a haven for surfers and beach-side party goers. It’s also a brilliant place for active people and retirees alike, with small quaint town centres, extensive walking and cycling paths, and that view. The iconic lighthouse hosts a 360-degree view of the whole district that is one of the best in NSW, and is definitely one that has to be seen in person.

Where it all started for a certain internationally-renown Australian heavy metal band…

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My next scenic stop after Byron Bay was near Coffs Harbour, where the Orana State Forest offers an expansive view of the coast, as well as glimpses of the mountainous hinterland.

Of course, when you’re going past Coffs Harbour, you have to make the obligatory stop at The Big Banana, because you can never have enough photos of the banana.

Home is where your favourite twisties belong.

Basic stats for the day:

  • Rest stops: Coffs Harbour, Macksville, Port Macquarie, Taree, Raymond Terrace, Brooklyn
  • Kilometres travelled: 820kms
  • Range of ambient temperature: 18°C to 33°C

4 Return to Sydney - Map - Outback NSW and QLD Road Trip

4-day trip: Complete!


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