Bike Life: Camping at Cattai National Park

Tents are like motorcycles. Compared to a permanent dwelling, they do not take as much space, is easily transportable and is an inexpensive way of letting the night pass. They allow you to fully experience the outdoors without the distraction of luxuries of a house. Nature is the delightful elixir that humans need, whether it be in the form of a hike, a bike ride through the park, a fishing trip or a day out on the motorcycle across country towns. What better combination can there be than a motorcycle camping trip?

Initially, I had an intent to try and embark on weekly camping trips to make the most of this Summer season. Three months on, with the arrival of March, Summer days are but a fading glimpse of my imagination. Apart from the camp night on Day 1 of my Outback NSW/QLD trip, and also the Hill End camp trip, I am regrettably left without many camping memories, thanks to my 80-hour, three-job schedule that keeps me at work around the clock. However, I just had to fit at least one more tent camping experience before Autumn, even with the hectic hours that I work.

This gave me an idea of a short Friday overnighter with the FNR riding group at Cattai National Park, just a 30 minute ride to the north from where I live in the Hills district of Sydney. The main intent behind the camp was to achieve a camping experience that was highly accessible by all, with amenities close in hand, all the while allowing for an ‘out there’ sort of experience to replicate an atmosphere of a place very far away from home. Cattai National Park is spread out in several separate locations within a few minutes drive from each other, but the section in which we chose to stay was a corner next to the Hawkesbury River.

This is a brilliant part of Sydney that many more should visit if looking for a quick break from the usual city life. As mentioned before, people need a bit of nature in their lives. Getting in touch with nature has proven mental health benefits, in that taking in natural landscapes helps with reducing anxiety and opening up for effective decision making. Check out the images below, and tell me that camping ain’t a good thing!


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