The Z125: The First and Final Run

It’s been a long time since I had last updated my blog site! It’s been an incredibly busy first half of 2017 for me, with two jobs to work, averaging 70 hours a week, as well as returning to university to complete the sole core unit that I’ve been delaying for so many years. Thankfully, I’ve been able to finally graduate with a degree that’s been taking me so long to complete, as well as being able to save enough money to afford various bikes (The Honda Africa Twin, and this little Kawasaki Z125) and take them on road trips that should provide me with something to write for you!

Just as a warm up, before heading straight to the 14-day offroad adventure of the Africa Twin that I had completed last month, I’ll get the short 28-hour Z125 adventure out of the way first. This blog should be a very straight-forward read for you, as I’ve included the live update news that I had posted on my social media accounts at the time (all published here in bold font), as well as short, concise captions and comments to fill in the gaps in between. Enjoy the little ride! 🙂

Live update #1 – BRB, just going down the road. With 48 hours to spare, let’s see what this pint-sized tourer can handle.


Live update #2 – I’m going to be straight up and say that I am not feeling this trip at all. I’ve been heading south for a few hours now, but I’ve only covered a touch over 150km. It’s cold, windy and the Hume is plain uninteresting. The Z125 has been travelling at a real measly 70km/h average, and fuel consumption has skyrocketed as a result of headwinds and the extra luggage. I really should have travelled north instead for its warmer conditions that are more suitable for camping. It may be the first time that I might turn back home, but I’ll give it a few hours after I rest up.


Live update #3 – Okay, as funny as it may sound, I twisted my hip the wrong way when I was getting up and out of my tent. Looks like I won’t be doing any long distances for this trip! Maybe this is a lesson to take, in that you don’t need to go far in search for a taste of two-wheeled escapism. Let’s stay close to home and see what there is to explore between Goulburn and Oberon… By the way, the Big Merino is not that big next to the Z125..

At a chicken farm with the Z125… Because that’s the only place where the tiny Kawi looks like a big bike 😂… The Z125 lacks so much power when it’s loaded with luggage, so I’m not able to go as far away as I’d do on a larger bike. However, it means that I can spend more time, enjoying the world around me. Plus, it means more time on the saddle too. Can’t complain too much about that, can I? 😋

Live update #4 – On Taralga Road. Taking it real easy, and absorbing the world around me.. Just the way that a leisurely road trip should be.

“Be prepared to stop at anytime”… Because, no matter how determined you believe yourself to be, no matter how relentless your drive may seemingly be, there also is value in pauses in between your journey. Overdoing things will eventually lead to the mind’s revolt against your original intention. Consistency can only be achieved through steady, bite-sized pursuits. Keep it real; it’s okay to go at your own pace✌️

Live update #5 – Some progress is better than no progress at all. I’ve centred all my past road trips on long distances so much that I usually forget that I should enjoy them. Normally I’d be in distress mode if I covered only 200km in 8 hours, but I don’t mind this time. I wasn’t going to win any prizes anyway. Nevertheless, here are a few photos of a very disheartened Dave in the middle of a demolished forest 😅

The gorgeous country roads of Oberon and beyond, towards Bathurst.

I still had the stock chain and sprockets on the Z125, so there was a need to adjust the chain in the middle of the trip. Still, it lasted much longer than the absolutely horrible stock chain on my previous Honda Grom.

The streets of Bathurst in the background of Brock’s Skyline, lit up like candles as the spirit of the King of the Mountain prevails upon the summit of Mount Panorama. Peter Brock (1945-2006), always an Aussie legend..

Live update #6 – Alright, I’m logging off now. Heading home from Bathurst to Sydney without any more updates as I’m mentally running on empty 😂… It’s been a lengthy, sleepless month with the Africa Twin challenge, an overseas trip and this small stint with the Z125. I will need some rest before I return to work on Monday… so, unless there’s something else interesting, this is it for the current live roadtrip stories for now 😁… There’s a lot of content to go through for the Africa Twin, so I will get a move on with my recount for that as soon as I can!

Finally made it to Richmond… back in the Sydney basin, with the odometer sitting on 5800km.

As of the 17th of September 2017, this bike is no longer under my ownership. It’s been a short few months on this little Kawasaki Z125. The reason why I had sold it is that I felt that I was definitely over with the whole mini bike phase, which should have ended after I had sold my Honda Grom in June 2017. Still, the Kawi was great fun on the low-speed twisties and fulfilled its duties as the spare, second bike in the garage. Bought for $3100 in June 2017 with 4000km on the odometer, placed an advertisement to sell with 6000km, sold for $2000 within 12 hours. 2000km well spent… Farewell!