Europe 2018 on the R NineT – Day 26: Warsaw to Kaunas

Day 26, 23/06/2018. So much more left to see in Poland, but time is running out. I must reach Saint Petersburg before my Russian visa expires.


Spent half the day in Warsaw, riding around the old town and its surroundings with Andrzej the host. Amazing that the buildings in the first photo were all just a pile of rubble during WW2, but rebuilt to its former glory in the decades after, a testament of Poland’s historical persistence.

Physically, I was just goneskies after the stuggles of the previous day, but I had to push forward to get to my next objective of reaching the north. As though something out there was trying to dissuade me from going further, as I rode off from Warsaw, it began to rain again.

The weather forecast was also looking real gloomy for the next couple of days around the Baltic region, so I will have to race against the storm clouds and get to the relatively dry Tallinn before I get caught up again. Why am I in such a rush, you say? I’ll explain later in the coming days.





Europe Day 26 - expenses.jpg

Approximate route:

Europe Day 26 - map