Europe 2018 on the R NineT – Day 25: Berlin to Warsaw

Day 25, 22/06/2018. Cold, drenching greetings from the Polish border. Ran on fumes until I actually ran out. The day saved by the warm welcome of Warsaw.


Today was one of those days where I should have just stayed at home, and a perfect showcase of what happens when you’re stubborn as hell but aren’t prepared for the consequences. Left Berlin for Poland, and was greeted by freezing storms. I refused to put on wet weather gear because the weather forecast told me otherwise, and reality wasn’t going to force its way into my safe space of mental sunny days and rainbows.

So that happened all the way from the German-Polish border until I reached Wrocław, basically a 200km ride. Then the weather all turned fine and things were brightening up, until the next thing happened. I thought that the first petrol servo after Wrocław was a stop too soon, and decided to wait until the next one was available on the highway towards Łódź.

Little did I know at all that this stretch of road was as remote as it gets for a Polish highway, and the next thing that occurs is the last thing that I wanted for this whole Europe tour. Let’s just say that I found out that my max fuel range is 320km, and that a 5km push to the servo wasn’t that bad. I can do it again! Yeah, nah. Let’s do things properly and fill up at every opportunity.

In the end, I made it to the Polish capital of Warsaw. Cold. Tired. Wet. Totalled. But I live to see another day. Massive thanks to Andrzej for being such a willing host, and staying up all night just to wait for my arrival to Warsaw!






Europe Day 25 - expenses.jpg

Approximate route:

Europe Day 25 - map.jpg