Europe 2018 on the R NineT – Day 28: Tallinn to Saint Petersburg

Day 28, 25/06/2018. Last run within the Schengen Area before heading into Russia.


Officially now past my half way point of this whole Europe trip, and the longest that I’ve ever been off from work. With still a couple of weeks left, it’s been a whirlwind of adventures on the BMW, with now around 11000km clocked up around this continent.

Some day, as I become old and frail, I’ll need to take it easy and take it a little slower. At the same time, I love seeing the kilometres being stacked up on the odometer. That, in itself, gives me great satisfaction. All the sights and views that are seen on the way are just a coincidence. I’d love to do a “round the world” trip but, with an average income and financial security being of top importance, I guess I’ll have to explore the world in bite sized format.

Not that I should complain about what I have on offer right now in my life. I feel very privileged to be able to have this opportunity to travel, and that is why I intend to go balls out, with minimal restraint. Time is the most precious thing on earth, and it cannot be wasted.

This morning, I took a portion of the day to do a quick tour of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. With a Medieval cobblestone town fortified with walls and watch towers, described as being one of the best preserved of its kind, it certainly is a beautiful part of the Baltic region.

Now, to proceed to the east where, once again, my EU mobile connection will fail me.. as seen in the last photo, where I am just wondering why my GPS route is leading me off from the main highway, and onto the dusty backroads of Russia. Will I make it to Saint Petersburg, unscathed and in one piece? More to come in the next episode of Dave’s Viewpoint…




Europe Day 28 - expenses

Approximate route:

Europe Day 28 - map