Europe 2018 on the R NineT – Day 29: A Day in Saint Petersburg

Day 29, 26/06/2018. A day off away from the long road, in Russia’s West.


Spent a full day in Saint Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city as well as its most cosmopolitan due to its geopolitics and position as a cultural gateway between eastern and western Europe. Its central area is so densely packed with monuments that, wherever you turn your head, there is another museum, statue or a structure of great importance to see.

Basically, everything you’d want to see in the city is just a street away. As I was exploring the town late at night, I bumped into a rider who encouraged me to head to a popular motorcycle meet up area, which was literally just up the road. The rider just happened to be a local priest who exhibited perfect English speaking skills, which made things much easier for me to interact, and especially helpful for me who love to question others about politics and other related boring topics. Much was talked about in relation to Russia and its place as a political power in the world.

Although it was past midnight on a weeknight, it just seemed like another weekend in which people weren’t concerned about going to work the next day. The city just had this spectacular vibe about it. Maybe it was the night sky that never turns completely dark during the peak of the Summer Solstice. The hype as a result of FIFA World Cup festivities probably also adds to the liveliness of the city. Regardless of influencing factors, I still insist on calling it the city that never sleeps at night during summer; the most vibrant city that I’ve ever visited to date.






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