Europe 2018 on the R NineT – Day 33: Kaaresuvanto to Nordkapp

Day 33, 30/06/2018. Top of mainland Europe!


Midnight at Nordkapp, Norway. I’ve now run out of road, reaching the northernmost region of this part of Europe. There must have been something in the reindeer steak that I had earlier in the day at Finland, because I didn’t want to end the day without reaching the North Cape, a dramatic cliff standing 307 metres above sea level that juts into the ferocious waters of the Barents Sea.

The unrelenting arctic winds ensure that Nordkapp is not supposed to be a pleasant place to hang around, sending high speed misty particles into your eyes like millions of sharp pins, whereas closing your helmet visor renders it a futile remedy as the fog clouds up your vision. But, for the moment, it was the greatest feeling ever to believe that I was on top of the world of what seemed like a parallel universe; a moment that will always be remembered.





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Approximate route:

Europe Day 33 - map