Europe 2018 on the R NineT – Day 32: Oulu to Kaaresuvanto

Day 32, 29/06/2018. Absolute daylight throughout all hours of the day as I enter the Arctic Circle.


Midnight in Finland. Chasing that undying sunset, across the land whose light never fades during the pinnacle of summer. With the perpetual sunlight that shines in northern Finland, my circadian clock is now well and truly messed up. With a bad habit of riding til dusk and setting up camp in the dark, I am emboldened by the arctic horizon to keep on riding, to the point where my spine cannot take any further saddle time.

With 24-hour self serve fuel availability, sparse population density, minimal traffic and a seemingly eternal road that rebukes the conventional notion of night, I think I may have found a piece of riding heaven. Too tired to continue? Hit up one of the back roads and pitch your tent to rest up for another epic ride.

If you don’t mind the overnight chill, northern Finland holds the key to one of the most beautifully rustic motorcycling experiences that Europe can offer.






Europe Day 32 - expenses

Approximate route:

Europe Day 32 - map