Europe 2018 on the R NineT – Day 47: Calais to Cologne via Paris

Day 47, 14/07/2018. Visiting the French capital before returning back to base in Germany; the end of a long road.


Crossed over the English Channel overnight back to France after staying less than 36 hours in the UK. Slept on the floor of a carpark at some random French highway stop so that I could spend as little time dithering about with accommodation decisions. By morning, I made it to Paris.

It wasn’t the best idea to visit the French capital this weekend, at least for riding around the city. Due to Bastille Day, many of the ideal places that I wanted to ride on were inaccessible due to road blocks, which exacerbated the notorious Parisian traffic situation further than it already was on a normal day.

It’s okay, though. I managed to get an oh-so-cliche selfie of me and that steel lattice tower to start and end my very brief stint in France. I am sufficiently content with this all. The last thing I wanted at this point was for more time on the road. It is all finished; home is now calling.





Europe Day 47 - expenses.jpg

Approximate route:

Europe Day 47 - map.jpg