Europe 2018 on the R NineT – Day 5: Finalising equipment purchases

2nd of June, 2018. Went to pick up some bags. Visited a German hardware store. Downed a German snag.

Europe 2018 - 4
Day 5 – Bought my new saddle bags, but at an eye watering 800 Euros!

Feeling schmick after buying a pair of pricey purse-cum-luggage bags made by Wunderlich… not that I’d need any space to put whatever remaining cash I have left after a day of spending almost €1000 just on these puny bags and other little moto accessories that I needed for the road ahead.

Immediately after purchasing the Wunderlich items, Konrad and I got to work in installing the frames required to mount the bags, which were remarkably easy to get done. These bags are designed to be fully water resistant so that no amount of heavy rainfall can infiltrate its internal compartments.

DSC03828On the way back to Gummersbach, we went for a swift ride through the backroads, crossing over and back along the Rhine River. Forests are in massive abundance in Germany so, wherever you are in this Central European country, a spacious country road or national high-speed highway is not too far away.

Returned back home to Gummerbach, and almost got into an argument between my German mate about which country first introduced the hardware+snags business idea. Apparently, the Germans had it way long before us in Australia.. But we’ll debate that later on. For now, I am finally all set up to travel around Europe.. No more excuses! 💪

2018-06-02 - GoPro capture 1.jpg
Pinning the throttle… safely!



Europe Day 5 - expenses