Europe 2018 on the R NineT – Day 19: Dubrovnik to Mainland Croatia

Day 19, 16/06/2018. Taking the easy but less interesting highway route across Croatia.

Europe 2018 - 18
Day 19 – The historical Croatian town of Dubrovnik.

Great to be in Croatia, home of Europe’s most beautiful coastal roads. Basing myself in the absolutely stunning little southern town of the World Heritage listed Dubrovnik for less than 24 hours, I briefly explored the coastlines that are ornamented with the clearest waters and pristine shores, interrupted by cliff faces that support the dramatic Balkan hinterland.

Almost straight out of a fairy tale novel, Dubrovnik needs much more than a day to even scratch the surface of what it can offer to any visitor, whether it be the rock climber on the look for rugged ridges to reach, the couple on a romantic holiday, the sun lover seeking the most beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean, the avid photographer wanting a venue of unlimited potential, the motorcyclist wishing to ride one of the best coastal roads in this part of the world.. the list goes on.

I’d love to return to this part of Croatia one day, but probably not solely to ride. The only con? Tourists. Way too many of them. I didn’t come all the way here from Sydney to be stuck in tourist traffic and simmer in full gear under the Mediterranean sun. That ain’t a battle that I’m willing to fight. I’m outtie.












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Approximate route:

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